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Outer-Limits Drysuit



The OL-RIPSTOP/NY is the latest developed Dry Suit for Special Force use under critical conditions and for MCM operations as well.

  -  High tear strength, 

  -  Three-dimensional elasticity what offers maximum flexibility in 

      movement and the low noise record important for covered 

      missions and MCM operations

  -  5-line-stitched seam construction, which totally minimize the 

     risk of leaking, but by keep the flexibility on these sections.

  -  Ergonomic cut of all suit sections gives to the operator the 

      feeling like wearing a regular uniform.

  -  The fabric offers new dimensions in the world of dry suits.

       -  Reduced weight  -  low vis records

       -  Easy movements - extreme durability against abrasion 

          (above 50.000 Martindale)

        -  Low noise records > NON-MAGNETIC fabric according 

           STANAG CLASS-A  

           (optional special Low Mute Valves on request)

  -  KEVLARTEXor CERAMOTEX Knee-Elbow and Back 

  -  Warm Neck and separate 5/7 mm Hood with face seal for FF  

  -  Neck  & Wrist Ring with changeable Silicone Seal

  -  Neoprene Soft Socks 

  -  Integrated adjustable Suspenders with quick release

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